Configuring IncrediBuild on Multi-Boot Computers
Posted by - NA - on 25 August 2008 03:51 PM

When installing an IncrediBuild Agent on computers that have a selection of operating systems they can boot with ("dual-boot" or "multi-boot" computers), it is possible to install IncrediBuild on each of the installed operating systems while allocating only a single Extension Package for that computer. If this procedure is not followed, every operating system installed on the computer will require a separate Extension Package.

To configure a Multi-Boot computer to use a single Extension Package do the following:
1. Make sure an IncrediBuild Agent is installed on each of the operating systems installed on the computer.

2. Make sure that all IncrediBuild Agents installed on the computer's operating systems have connected to the Coordinator at least once and are subscribed (this will temporarily use up an Extension Package for each operating system running an IncrediBuild Agent).

3. Open the Coordinator Monitor on the computer running the Coordinator service.

4. Right-click one of the Agents installed on the multi-boot computer and select "Configure Multi-Boot...".

5. A list showing other Agents the Coordinator has identified as installed on the same computer will appear. Select the Agents that are to share the selected Agent's license and click "OK".

Note: Agents configured as running on the same multi-boot computer should never be online at the same time or they will lose their allocated Extension Packages.

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