Hardware considerations for IncrediBuild Agents
Posted by - NA - on 27 December 2017 09:24 AM

The following hardware characteristics have a significant impact on the performance of IncrediBuild Agents (in order of biggest impact): 

1. Multiple cores allow IncrediBuild Agents to utilize each core in parallel to execute multiple processes. Modern day CPU's support hyperthreading which allows more tasks to run in parallel. This is supported in IncrediBuild by default, unless manually disabled through the Operating System's settings.

Please note that IncrediBuild requires a different license package based on the number of cores you intend on using. For more information regarding the needed license please contact

2. RAM: The computer's RAM needs to be large enough to support multi-process distribute. To find the minimum requirements, take the compiler's memory requirements and multiply it by the number of cores on your machine. 

3. Disk: IncrediBuild uses a cache file to store files copied from remote machines. the larger the cache size (defaut is 512mb), the more files can be held in the cache, which reduces network usage in builds. Similarly faster disks have a positive impact on performance.

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