precompiled headers (.PCH) & incredibuild
Posted by - NA - on 27 December 2017 09:23 AM

Our general recommendation is actually to try and avoid extremely large PCH files.

The reason for this is that IncrediBuild needs to transfer the PCH file to every remote Agent participating in a distributed build. When PCH files are large, this can become a bottleneck in terms of network load (the PCH file is always transferred from the machine that initiated the build). So while PCH files can be useful in reducing the time it takes to compile each file, you should always take into consideration that the entire PCH file must be transferred over the network to all participating Agents. 

If large incremental builds using IncrediBuild are a common scenario, this may be less problematic since the PCH file would already be cached in at least some of the remote Agents' file cache, restoring the original benefits of using PCH files.

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