Version Update Overview and Tips
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There are four ways to upgrade IncrediBuild to a newer version:

1. Automatic Update:
Description: This is quickest way to upgrade all Agents connected to the IncrediBuild Coordinator. In this method, the Coordinator pushes the new version to all Agents currently connected to that Coordinator.

Option #1. Upgrade the Coordinator machine. Once the Coordinator's version has been updated, you will have the option of performing an Automatic Update.
Option #2: From the Coordinator Monitor, select "File|Automatic Version Upgrade". The Automatic Version Update process will run. 

2. Selective Update (Push)
Description: A new version is "pushed" to one or more Agents from the Coordinator machine.
Instructions: Right-click the Agents you wanted updated from the Coordinator Monitor and select "Update Version".

3. Version Update (Pull)
Description: A version update is initiated from an Agent machine by "pulling" the current version from the Coordinator.
1. Make sure the Coordinator is running the new version
2. Right-click the IncrediBuild tray-icon on the machine running an IncrediBuild Agent with an older version, and select "Update Version".

4. Manual Update 
Description: Updating an Agent by running the new version installer.
Instructions: Run the new version installer on the Agent machine.

Version Update Notes and Tips:
1. All instances of Visual Studio must be closed in order for the version update to complete.
2. Version updates initiated from the Coordinator require manual approval from the end user by default. This can be changed through the "Ask for user confirmation before a remotely initiated version update is performed" check box from the Preferences page in the Agent Settings dialog.
3. Agents running a different version than the Coordinator will run in standalone mode until updated to the Coordinator's version.
4. It may be useful to use the Coordinator "Send Message" command to inform end users of the upcoming version update before starting the update.
5. If you're running a Backup Coordinator on a machine not running an IncrediBuild Agent, you will need to update that machine's version using the "Manual Update" method.
6. It is always possible to rollback to a previous version from the Coordinator monitor by clicking on the File dropbox and selection the "Version Rollback" option.

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