Link errors using IncrediLink
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There are a few things to consider when IncrediLink is enabled (only with Visual Studio .NET / 2005 / 2008):

1. Duplicate Symbol link error messages may show up if different library projects include define the same symbol twice; the reason is that the linker is more tolerant to duplicate symbols residing in libraries than it is to duplicate symbols being defined in different object files. If this happens, change your code to include each symbol definition once.

2. Missing Function body link errors may show up. To workaround this, add function body stubs to your code.

3. Symbols which are not referenced anywhere in the code will still be included in the final output (with regular links they will be ignored).

4. VC7 only: Static libraries will not link in static library dependencies. If a static library fails because of unresolved external symbols, do the following:
1. Select "IncrediBuild | Solution Settings" from the IncrediBuild menu in the VC7 IDE.
2. Select the name of the failing static library project in the left-side tree control.
3. Check "Link library dependencies" in the "General" tab.
4. Click OK.
5. Project should now build correctly with IncrediLink.

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